Beach Hair, Don’t Care!


Amy Leigh Fitzpatrick-Cope | January 2017

Sand, salt and sun!  The words of summer!  Having that casual, tousled beach hair is one of our favourite things about the hot summer weather, but keeping that hair healthy is really important.  Amy Leigh gives us her beach hair must dos!
Literally my favourite hairstyle is beach hair. Sandy, salty and wild. I’m a minimalist in the beauty department so if anything takes me more than say 20 minutes, I won’t bother with it. I like to keep things au naturale.

The thing with beach hair is that it can make your hair dry and easy to break. Plus, add chlorine into the mix and your hair has lost a lot of conditioning and strength.

That’s why coconut oil is a godsend. (If you haven’t already, add coconut oil into like every aspect of your life. Skin, hair, food, smoothies, ANYTHING!). You can thank me later 😉


Coconut oil hair mask recipe


Organic Coconut Oil (1 tbsp)
Organic Raw Honey (1 tbsp)


Dampen your hair and take a brush through it a few times so there aren’t any knots! (You can do it with dry hair as well, but SO much easier to apply with wet hair)

Mix the 2 ingredients together.

Begin with the oil at the ends of your hair and massage through (if you have oily scalp I would avoid using it anywhere near there, just keep it at the ends towards the middle).

Leave the oil in for 20 – 30 minutes! (If you have oily hair naturally, most likely you’ll only need it in for 20 mins MAX!)

In the meantime… Read a book, drink some coffee, have a glass of champagne, go for a walk out in nature, call your mum, do some yoga – whatever fills you up! (This is supposed to be luxurious and self-indulging 😉 )

When time is up apply some heat to your hair with a hair dryer or a hot towel.

Then shampoo your hair (repeat if necessary) and then condition normally

Also! It’s really important in summer to look after your skin as well! It’s so easy to get burnt in the Aus summer, that’s why coconut oil dry brushing is awesome to keep your skin hydrated and glowing! Every morning before you get in the shower, apply coconut oil all over your body. Take an exfoliating brush or gloves and give yourself an amazing exfoliation – make sure that you brush towards your heart! Then jump in the shower and wash the excess oil off your body with some delish body wash. This is amazing to do all year round actually. It wakes up your entire body and assists with your blood flow!

Add this to your morning ritual and you will feel seriously fabulous for the rest of the day!

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