The most exciting thing to do as a teenager was having a sleep over! I loved them! We’d pull all the mattresses into one room, turn on a movie, talk all the way through it, eat so many lollies and chips and when we finally started to settle down (usually because the parents had made their presence known!) we’d have the best late night chats.  There was something about talking in the dark that let us reveal our secrets our dreams and our crushes.  So why not have a grown up version!  Here are five tips for hosting a grown up version of the teenage girl slumber party!

1) The room

It used to be all about the bedroom set up.  But for those of us in share houses or living with a partner the bed room is either tiny or a private space these days.  Take over the lounge room.  Get a lot of pillows and rugs.  Make sure there’s enough space for people to stretch out.  Have a lamp or two set up for lighting or if your up for it hang some fairy lights, set up Netflix and try to keep things as accessible as possible.  No tripping over cords or tables to get to the bathroom!

2) Snacks

I’m guessing most of us have developed our palette past sour worms and salt and vinegar chips.  Well maybe not all of us.  But to take it up a notch, put on a cheese board.  I like to grab a wooden chopping board.  Put on two or three decent cheeses, throw on some strawberries or grapes.  Add some cured meat and a selection of nice biscuit and your ready to indulge!

3) Drinks

We’ve graduated from the soft drinks and on to the good stuff.  I like to have an esky or a wine bucket in the room so that people don’t keep having to leave and come back.  If you’re feeling up for it doing up a big jug of sangria or your favourite cocktail will go down a treat otherwise wine is always a good choice! make sure there’s enough safe space for people to put their glasses down that wont result in a spill!

4) Games

If you’ve got Cards Against Humanity, play it! If you don’t, buy it and then PLAY IT! This game is awful and gross and just plain wrong and you wont be able to stop laughing!

5) #RealTalk

When you’ve finished eating and watching the movie you never watched because you talked too much, get comfy and relaxed.  Turn off the lights and let the conversation flow.  This is the best part of a sleep over.  The time when you can talk about all those things we are too nervous to bring up in the day light hours.  But remember, just because you spoke about it during the slumber party doesn’t mean you can ever bring it up again.  I mean this, that stuff goes with you to the grave!

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