Here at Knowing You we want to offer a space that allows you to be heard. We believe that everyone has a voice and we want to give you the courage to use it. 

We are ready to talk about the hard stuff, the awkward stuff and the fun stuff! All with compassion and eagerness.

And who are we you ask?

Catherine Kirby
Founder and Chief Creative Officer.


This little nugget all came about because I love listening to podcasts.  I’m not over exaggerating here.  I LOVE PODCASTS! And I thought, I know all these awesome babes who have amazing stories and insight and opinions. I’m going to do this! I’m making a podcast! Twelve months later and here we are! Website, newsletter, live shows and new seasons of Knowing You coming out into the world soon!  I’m pretty chuffed.

Amy-Leigh Fitzpatrick Cope
Senior Contributor


I’m so excited to be a senior contributor on this amazing platform that’s been created for YOU! I’ve always had an interest in personal development even from an early age, this passion of mine led me to get a Bachelor of Behavioural Science, psychology and a Diploma in Life Coaching.
I believe that we are here to have the best life ever.  The worst things that happen to you, can turn into the best.  I believe that the beach will always bring you back to yourself, that we need to be our own best friend and that loving yourself unconditionally will be the best thing you ever do.  Create a life that you’re obsessed with and everything will fall into place in your favour.